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Valentines Day

Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Valentine's Day, we created a collaborative piece of art to celebrate love.  The kids told us what they thought love was and I wrote it in the hearts.  (I got the idea of using toilet paper tubes to make hearts from pinterest).  Their definitions of love were so sweet!

The finished piece.  We still need to create a label for it.
Each of them got a box of conversation hearts.  First they grouped them and graphed them.  They shared the information their graphs gave them with their friends at their tables.  Then they recorded all of the sight words that they could find on the candies.

Families sent in fruit so we could put it all together to create a friendship fruit salad.  I was amazed at the generosity of all you parents!  We had three giant bowls and tubs filled with fruit salad! It was delicious!  I wish I took a picture of the finished product but here are the containers of fruit brought in along with some other yummy treats sent in for us to enjoy!

I have to say, I was quite blown away by the creativity of the valentine boxes and bags that were a family project! 

Mrs. Ogden brought some amazing kids from the Jr. High over to help us with our party!  They also helped the kids pass out valentines into each others holders.  I am so thankful that they came!  The kids loved having them join us!  We had such a great day celebrating love and our friendships together!

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