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Collaborative Marble Mazes and Marble Runs

Friday, March 29, 2013

The kids were very excited to work together on large scale marble mazes and a marble run.  They chose to make a marble run out of paper tubes and cardboard and two marble mazes, one with legos and one with a giant geoboard and rubber bands.  The teamwork and problem solving were amazing!  We had to work through the process of talking about their plan as a team, and learning to listen to each others ideas.

The provocation- Giant geoboard, rubber bands, lego board, legos, and marbles
When the kids started making the marble run, they decided they wanted to make it zig-zag back and forth.  Then they went to work!

Testing it out with a marble to see if what they have so far will work
What they have so far!  
The kids still have some problems with the marble run that they will try to fix after Spring Break.  They are excited to figure out ways to fix these problems!  I love hearing their conversations as they figure things out!  I wish I was better at getting quotes!  That is a part of documenting that I am still working on!
When the kids started working on the geoboard and lego mazes, they figured out right away that they needed to create a barrier all the way around the outer boarder.  They would test out their mazes by having someone lift them up and move them up and down while someone else would move or place new rubber bands and legos on the boards!  I loved listening to all of them think out loud to each other!

The rest will have to wait until after spring break!  We will keep these experiences available for them to explore.  The kids have been asking a lot of weather related questions and they found the first flower of spring in our natural play area! This may guide our learning when we get back!


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