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Exploring Worms- The Investigation

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A while back we started digging up our garden to get it ready for planting.  As the kids started pulling the weeds and turning the soil, they found tons of worms! They were fascinated with them! Every time we went outside, they asked if they could dig up more worms.  This fascination never waned so instead of planting flowers and veggies, we kept that area special for worm exploration.  


After our research, the kids knew what we needed to create a habitat.  They dug up soil from our garden area and added dead roots and leaves.  They learned that worms come to the surface at night and take pieces of dead leaves down into the soil so they made sure that some were sprinkled on top.

After creating the habitat, the kids dug up some worms from our garden.  Before adding them to the habitat, they studied them.  They noticed the parts such as the saddle and segments.  They also noticed that the pointy side was the head. They observed how they moved across the tray. 

Of coarse, they wanted to document what they noticed.  They are such little scientists! I love it!

Some decided to create some sculptures of worms showing the saddle and the segments. I love their different styles!

Here is our science table were the kids can observe and further investigate the worms.

Our next step was to organize the information we now had in our Schema to prepare for a project showing what they learned.  We made a tree map.

The kids have decided to create a mural in the hallway showing everything we have learned about worms! Stay tuned to see photos of the project when they finish it!


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