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Math and Literacy Teaching Moments During Play

Saturday, September 14, 2013

While we still explore literacy and math during station time, I am learning to grab onto these moments more often during play to show them how to apply these skills in their every day lives!

We found this Dragonfly in our room and the kids were fascinated! We put it on our science shelves for the kids to get a closer look!

Our new friend!

The kids who were interested visited it. We have just started talking about documenting what we see through pictures. The next step will be to add labels to our documentation, but for now I am getting them used to the concept of documenting what they see or notice, then verbally sharing their documentation with the class to inspire others. 

Below are two friends who documented and shared what they noticed about our dragonfly. Next week we will see what we can find out about dragonflies since they are so interested in this one we found (And an inquiry is born)!

Documentation of a dragonfly

Documentation of a dragonfly
We have also started talking about making plans. Below, some friends created plans for their block structures. The one on the right is a plan for this Monday! Again, at a later date they will start the next step of labeling their plans. We will ask questions to guide them into coming up with the idea themselves!

Creating plans in the Engineering area
These friends grabbed a ruler that was by the engineering area to measure and record how tall their structures were! They modeled and shared with the class to inspire others to try it!

Measuring structures
I have noticed there are two areas of our room that I need some paper and writing utensils to encourage documentation and planning!

Color mixing blue and yellow to create different shades
The Color Shades area would be a perfect place for the kids to document what they noticed! I will be adding clip boards with paper, colored pencils and crayons to this area on Monday!

Sculptures clockwise from top left- Stingray, fish, rattle snake and crocodile!
The Sculpture area of our art studio is another place for us to either create a plan, or document what they created.  They can also use writing to create a label for their art! Some clip boards and writing tools will be added to this area on Monday also. 

The picture below shows that a friend was using the balancing scale to explore weight in our sand box! She was so proud of the fact that  she thought to do this, she ran across the room to grab me and show me what she did!

Measuring in the sand box
These kids are writing cards and notes for family and friends. 

Creating cards and notes for family and friends
This friend is writing a multi page story about her family. I have noticed that many kids who are choosing to write books with more than one page are writing them about their family. I will need to remember this for the future!

Writing a book about her family
I love seeing all of the learning that is taking place through play! All it takes is setting out the materials and taking the time to discuss with them what they are doing and asking questions!

The pictures below show some of the things the kids did while exploring  our math and literacy materials during station time. The kids love station time and with the rigorous standards for Kindergarten, I am not ready to let go of these quite yet!

Exploring Literacy
Making names
Exploring shapes, weight, measurement, and patterns

Next week we will continue to get to know each other during writer's workshop and we listen to a special friend each day and write a stories about them.  We will also be focussing on how we are all alike and how we are all different and we will start a small inquiry about dragonflies!


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