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Documenting Dragonflies Through Art

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The kids have been finishing up documenting what they noticed about dragonflies using art.  Mixing Art and Science is one of my favorite things!

Here are some of the finished products!

Another boy made a book showing that he learned that dragonflies come in different colors.  It was the first book he tried to write!

Here is a picture of our dragonfly documentation to show others what we noticed and learned about dragonflies. 

Our next inquiry will be on colors. The kids had some questions brought about by the color mixing provocation so we created an "I think..." and an "I wonder..." Chart. They had a great amount of Schema when it came to the primary color mixing from the provocation set out before, but were very interested in shades, and wondered what happens when we mix up secondary colors.  They also want to investigate if black has different shades!  I will gather some things for experiences to answer their questions and we will investigate more about color this next week! 


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