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How We Went From Haunted Houses to a Masquerade Party!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A small group finally decided to create something different in our home living area.  It has been a kitchen since school started, but some friends sat down with a planning sheet and came up with a plan to create a haunted house for kids to come trick or treat in.  They created ghosts and bats and spiders...

...but then they started turning it into a horror movie haunted house. They started adding blood to the walls by painting paper red and taping it up and some were wanting to make bloody hand prints.  We sat down and discussed that we want a haunted house that would not be too scary for kids to visit.  No blood or gore was the rule! So we brainstormed what would be appropriate to add to their haunted house. They came up with more ghosts, bats, mummies, spider webs and other much more appropriate items to add. 

The kids then mentioned that everyone needed masks to come trick or treating!  We brainstormed types of masks they could make.  One friend mentioned we could make masquerade masks. The rest of the kids wanted to know what those were so we brought up Google Images to find out!  The Promethium Board filled with beautiful examples of masquerade masks. The kids did a collective gasp and there was a moment of silence.  All of the sudden, the room exploded into very excited voices saying " I want to make that one!" "I want to make one with the purple feathers!" "I want to make..."  They wanted to start right away but I told them they needed to let me collect materials first! 

The next day, we looked at the images of the masks again for inspiration and passed out planning sheets. They got right into creating a plan showing what their masks would look like, collected the materials they put on their list, and started creating!  

Look at how perfectly they followed their plans!

A friend then suggested that we should wear our masks for our Friendship Thanksgiving Feast that was coming up soon. They also decided that we should dress up in our fancy clothes like they do at Masquerade parties.  A Friendship Thanksgiving Masquerade Feast!

They added either a stick to hold the mask up to their face, or a headband to staple the mask on to keep it on with out having to hold it. Look at these beautiful groups of friends celebrating together!


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