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Inquiring About Music- The Introduction

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This week we started our Sound Inquiry! Our driving question is, "How can we create an area for students at the ECC to explore sound?"  In order to prepare for this, we need to investigate different ways to make sounds.  They were all very excited to start exploring! I started out by showing them a video by the amazing group STOMP creating music using brooms.  The kids loved it! We have since been watching a video every day showing people making music with odd items including a group that played an impressive version of "Call Me Crazy" by blowing into bottles hanging around their necks!  

The videos have truly inspired them to try creating sound and rhythm with different objects in different ways which is a part of our science standards. Below, a friend brought in some random items from home to show how they create sound!  

I set out some random items and instruments on a table to see what would happen. They started exploring right away.

I then created seperate areas for the kids to explore sound and added questions for them to explore. Next week we will add clip boards for them to document what they notice.  

In the area below, the kids explore and create a song by painting the colors on a strip of paper and then following their music to play their song!

Our friend below created a list while we were outside of the different things he noticed that created sound on our playground!  He presented the list to the class. He also showed us how rubbing a row of magnets created sound, and he showed us how he could create rythym with the zipper on his bag.

These friends below organized a performance for us! They each showed how their instruments made sound, then played them together!  They were very proud!

So far they have noticed that sound can be made by striking, blowing, rubbing, strumming/plucking, and shaking. We also learned that sound is caused by vibrations. Next week we will continue to explore sound and the kids will pick an area to become an expert in!

Here are some other things going on during our exploration time! Music isn't the only thing going on!

Beautiful loose art creations were made as seen below.

Below is a water sculpture. She made it so that the beads would move like a water fountain. 

Habitat creations have been popping up EVERYWHERE!  Based on what I am observing, animal habitats will be our next inquiry!  They have created a reptile habitat, dinosaur habitat (they later added an ocean habitat to this) and an insect habitat.

Below they are painting rocks because they wanted ladybugs for their bug habitat. 

Dressmaking was also popular for a while! They came up with some beautiful designs!

Creating two and three dimentional shapes and words with our magnets is also very popular!

Creating rock sculptures.

And castle building is still very fun for them!

As you can see, we have a lot going on in our room!  I am continuing to love using play and life as teaching tools!  The benefits to these kids are amazing, especially in the areas of problem solving, planning and collaboration!  Stay tuned to see what else is happening in our room next week!

New Beautiful Girly Collection Dreaming Girl plus Freebie

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hi my friends, today I have a new and so girly collection made for my DD Verónica Ysabel, the kit is named Dreaming Girl, you can buy kit, any of the 2 extra pack or buy the bundle and save money!

If you have "little princess", you need this to make wonderful layouts, cards, hybrid projects and almost any thing of you can imagine.

Here is what you can find in bundle:

*101 elements png, 300 dpi, no shadows. *16 papers 12x12, jpg, 300 dpi. *7 Word Art (english) png, 300 dpi. *4 quick pages png, 12x12, 300 dpi. *4 cluster border png, 300 dpi, no shadows. *20 buttons png, 300 dpi, no shadows. *12 journal cards png, 300 dpi. *4 stacked papers jpg, 12x12, 300 dpi. *6 cluster eements png, 300 dpi, no shadows. *3 alphas (2 packs upper, lower, numbers and some simbols, the other just lower and numbers). Each character are individual png files, 300 dpi, png, no drop shadows.
This products is for Personal Use.

Check the previews linked here:



EXTRAS PACK 1 (includes word art, cluster borders, buttons and 4 quick pages).

EXTRAS PACK 2 (includes 3 alphas, 12 journal cards, 6 cluster, 4 stacked papers).

A few pages I made with the collection:

This is my beautiful Veronica, my inspiration for this kit, she loves all pink, princess stuff and flowers :)

My beautiful niece Natalya Isabel :)

Again my beautiful niece Natalya Isabel and me :)

My sweete Verónica when she has 7 months :)

This is my freebie for you this week, add on Dreaming Girl, hope you like it! See you Soon!

 [download id="1085"]

[download id="1087"]


Castle Documentaion

Saturday, March 8, 2014

used our castle wall in the hallway to show what we have been learning about during our castle inquiry.  After the kids presented, they took their parents to show them the documentation of their journey, along with showing them around the great hall and castle kitchen in our room.

Creative Box March! plus freebie :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi everyone!

Today i am very glad to show you, my new collection for this month Creative Box at Digital Crea, is named NO ORDINARY LOVE, and is full of colors and flowers to show your love to everyone!

Is available HERE.

Element Pack 1 (36 elements png, 300 dpi, no drop shadows).

Element Pack 2 (35 elements png, 300 dpi, no drop shadows).

Border Pack (4 cluster border, png, 300 dpi, no drop shadows).

Stacked Elements Pack (4 elements png, 300 dpi, no drop shadows).

Paper Pack 1 and 2 (pack 1 have 10 papers, pack 2 have 9 papers, jpg, 300 dpi, 12x12).

And here are four pages I made using the collection to my sweet Verónica, Ana and Natalya :)

And last but no less, a little freebie I made for all you with the collection (i cluster frame and 1 cluster border), hope you like it :)

[download id="77"]

Thanks for visit my blog, see you soon!



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