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Stained Glass and 100 Day

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Last week we made stained glass to hang in our windows to enjoy the sunlight and beautiful colors.  It was a good opportunity to strengthen their finger muscles! 

The kids loved the rainbows in our room that afternoon!

For 100 day, they strung 100 fruit loops to create necklaces and grouped them by 10's. 

They created plans for their display in our 100 Day Museum and followed their plans. The kids enjoyed walking through the museum and seeing everyone's creative displays!  

We had a very interesting conversation after our museum walk! Some kids thought that the collections that took up more space had more than the other collections!  It took a good bit of thinking and discussion for them to figure out that all of the displays had the same amount! It was the size of the items that made some collections take up more space, not the number of items!

We also predicted how far we would go if we took 100 steps out of our room!  Some ended up in the gym and some by the office.  We discussed that the size of the steps we took made a difference, but we all took 100 steps!  We did not get near as far as they predicted!  

It was a fun day studying how much 100 really is!

The kids are working very hard on their Castle Inquiry presentation! I will post all about it next week!


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