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Caterpillars, Worms, Poetry and Space: So Much To Explore!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

We have set up a few new provocations and experiences for the kids to explore, inquire, investigate and think at this week!  

Our caterpillars have arrived so we created an area for them to see, think, and wonder!

They have been creating a lot of observational drawings in this area to document what they notice!

Another teacher in our school, the fabulous Mrs. Kohlberg, was finished exploring worms in her room and let us borrow them to explore, investigate and see what we notice.

We are doing a mini study about the earth, moon, sun, and stars so we have a few areas dedicated to this study. Our library is now a research area where they document what they see, think, and wonder after looking through our books about space and nocturnal animals. 

They are also researching at our writing station and doing some informative writing about the earth, sun, moon, and stars.

They are creating a giant collaborative art piece by creating their own constalations and naming them. 

They are working fine motor skills by creating these sight word constalations. 

They are creating constalations using K'nex and documenting what they created. 

We are creating a planetarium for them to do some star gazing in our room!

These kids are watching a short video about the sun and documenting one new thing they learned. 

At the painting and clay they are exploring how the moon changes throughout the month. 

They are exploring the sun, moon, earth and stars at the eisals also with paint, pastels and Q-tips!

Here are a few of the things that they have been noticing and learning about the earth sun, moon, and stars through their explorations and guidance from our lovely student teacher, Miss Lam. 
He sun is bigger than the earth. 
The sun is a star. 
The sun gives us energy. 
The earth moves around the sun. 
The moon orbits around the earth. 
The moon changes. 
The moon is made of rock, not cheese. 
Stars look small because they are so far away. They are really very big. 
Stars can be red, blue or yellow. Blue is the hottest, red is the coolest. 

We are also in the process of planning and preparing for our poetry tea next Friday! I will blog about that next week!


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