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Skin care Machines with Multiple Functions

Monday, August 25, 2014

Skin care Machines with Multiple Functions 

 I found this article about the multifunction machines and I want to share it with you.
  Years ago, skin care professionals would use only their given hands and natural resources, such as a sea sponge or a cotton washcloth to treat their clients' skin. Throughout the years, technology has evolved, changed and greatly enhanced the ways that estheticians do their job.
  In order to be competitive, spa professionals need to be on top of the latest trends in the industry. One of the latest trends is to use machines, but with all the confusing information available about equipment options, it’s often hard for estheticians to decide which ones they really need and which they can do without.

 To get the most bang for your buck, opt for all-in-one machines that serve multiple purposes and offer features for high-frequency, galvanic, ultrasonic, microdermabration and other spa services.

 These multi-purpose machines have a number of advantages over purchasing individual machines, and can save and make you money in the long term.

                               Why multifunction machines?

•When clients walk into a treatment room and see the large multifunction machine, it can give the perception that such an official and high-quality piece of equipment means their esthetician is an ultimate professional with the ability to take care of all of their needs.

•The service will run more fluidly and smoothly when the esthetician is able to perform all services without having to get up and move around the room to prepare for any other procedures.

•It can be a great addition with as many as 11,13 or 17 functions all within an arm’s reach.

•Many estheticians rent a small space and need to have the ability to perform all of their services without the clutter of many single function machines scattered around.

•It’s more than a service; it’s a treatment. One client can come in with sun damage and fine lines and the next can come in with acneic skin and both can be treated with the same machine.
Save more, make more

•An esthetician can save money by purchasing a multifunction machine instead of piecing together various single function machines for more money from different companies.
Machines With Multiple Functions

•If you purchase the right multifunction machine from the right company, you can get one with individual replaceable parts. For example, if your high-frequency, galvanic or petite cabinet stops working, you can simply detach and replace with a new one. 

•With as many as 17 functions in one machine, this can increase the amount of services an esthetician can perform, the number of clients that can be seen and the amount of money made.

Multifunction machines can include the following functions:

High-frequency. Using a Tesla pulse current, does not produce chemical changes. Rather it can supply heat that has an antiseptic affect for the skin. This current stimulates circulation, oxygenates the skin and increases cell metabolism. It is an excellent germicidal, which is especially important when treating acne.

Galvanic. The two primary features of the galvanic current are to facilitate deep-pore cleansing and to penetrate product into the skin. The use of positive or negative currents, with the client holding the opposite probe at the same time, facilitates iontophoresis or anaphoresis.

Magnifying lamp. This loupe aids the esthetician by magnifying the skin. With the use of a fluorescent light, finer details of the skin can be seen.

Steamer. Most steamers come with an ozone switch. Steam helps to soften sebum and other debris on the skin while stimulating circulation. When using the ozone switch, there is an antiseptic effect that benefits acne and combination skin.

Spray/vacuum The esthetician can use toners or other formulas in this function, offering a gentle application of the product to the skin. This misting of the skin is very soothing and calming. The vacuum is used to suction dirt and impurities from the skin, and it simultaneously works to reduce the appearance of creases and fine lines. It also works to reduce keloids.

Rotary brush. An excellent cleansing accessory, the rotary brush lightly exfoliates the skin and loosens other debris. It stimulates circulation and is soft enough to thoroughly cleanse highly sensitive skin.

Wood’s lamp. This filtered black light must be used in complete darkness. It is a very effective tool for a detailed analysis of the skin.

Ultrasonic. Ultrasonic wave produces energy. When acting on the body, it stimulates the body’s cells, producing a tiny massage that expands the space in which the cells exist. It causes the movement of cytoplasm, the rotation of mitochondria, the vibration of cell nucleus, and stimulates and expands the cell membrane. Therefore, it can improve local blood and lymph circulation, increase the penetration of serums to the cells, and improve the metabolism and regeneration of body cells. Always use water or a water-based product with this machine.

Sterilize Box for tools.

Ultrasonic scrubber. Removes all the impurities, dirty and dead cell over the skin, cleans the pores with a vibrating waves of the spatula

Hot towel cabbie. These cabinets provide hot, wet towels to be used during facials.

Frekator or spot remover. Is a high-frequency pointed needlelike instrument used to remove skin tags and small moles.

Microcurrent. Is excellent for lifting the skin.

Hot & Cold hammer. Used to open or close pores, refresh skin, after o before treatments

Microdermabration. Provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using diamond peeling heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin. This procedure removes skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin

Most estheticians become estheticians because they love creating beauty by helping people through their services. With a multifunction machine, an esthetician can save money and time, help more people every day, and grow their business by offering more services.

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