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Easy decorating Ideas for your Spa Salon

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Easy decorating Ideas for your Spa Salon

  Dear Friends: look at this compilation of photos to inspire you in decorating your Spa, pay special attention  on the colors and materials.
  As the concept of the Spa is the wellness , relaxation and pampering all the decorative elements are associated with nature.

  Colors: earth, water , fire; Materials : rocks, wood, plants , candles (light).
These items will be accompanied with the right equipment to help us provide comfort and relaxation to our customers .

  The music is as well important, sounds of nature , water, waves , rain, birds take to the full communion of the body and mind .

  The scents of aromatherapy , fresh flowers , rain, wet ground , aromatic plants, leaves and petals .

  We will be ensuring the return of our clientele, with a peaceful and relaxing  environment combined of course with good service and effectiveness of our services or treatments ...

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