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How and Why We Celebrated International Dot Day!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This past week we celebrated International Dot Day! It is a special day to celebrate creativity based on a precious book called "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds.

It has a great message for both children and teachers! It teaches children to celebrate their creativity and helps them build confidence in their own abilities!  It teaches us teachers how powerful our encouragement and our words can be!  We can use words to build them up or to criticize.  In this room we choose to build these precious children up!  This day was a day to show them that!  It also teaches me that the process of creating art is more important than the product! What the students create should not at all look the same as everyone else's creations! Nor should it look like what I think it should look like!  Where is the creativity if I direct what their art should look like!  Each one should be unique to the student who created it!

Here are some ways we celebrated our own unique creativity, made our marks, and saw where they took us!

Materials were set out for them to make their marks and see where they took them!  They had the freedom to use them however they choose!

Paint, brushes, paper plates, cotton swabs and corks...

created some beautiful dots!

Watercolor and oil pastels...

were used to create beautiful pieces of art.

Paint, paper tubes, swabs and corks created stunning pieces!

A large giant paper was layed on the easil for everyone to make marks on for a collaborative art piece.

Paper plates, primary colors and paper allowed for some color mixing experiments along with beautiful art!

Marks were also made in the library after children looked at the book with friends.

The writing center was also inspired by Peter Reynolds!

Even clay was inspired!

Of course, the children started finding dots all over our environment!

We had to display all of the beautiful creations around our room! Our room is now a "Dot Gallery!"

Ken Robinson once said, "Creativity is as important as literacy."  This was the first time that I had celebrated International Dot Day! It was wonderful, the children loved it, and it will be celebrated annually in room 201 to help children be confident about what they do in our room and hopefully carry that confidence out into the world!


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