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Choosing the right brush for the rigth job

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Choosing the right brush for the rigth job


Whether at home or behind the chair…your choice in comb or brush can dramatically impact the end result of any style. Here’s a quick reference guide to make sure you reach for the right tool for the job!

BRISTLE BRUSH: For all hair types. Boar bristle brush is ideal…gentle on hair, smooth’s the cuticle. Great for blowouts.

SYNTHETIC BRISTLE BRUSH: Avoid. Non-absorbent…don’t distribute oils or help condition hair. Can cause damage.

MIXED BRISTLE BRUSH: Ideal for normal or thick hair. Combine the benefit of boar bristles with nylon quills that help detangle coarse hair.

PADDLE BRUSH: Great for smoothing naturally straight hair…and for straight styles. Also great before flat ironing.

ROUND BRUSH: A must have for any blowout. Can create body and bend. Easier to control tension while styling…a key to a blowout that will last.

METAL BRUSH: A perfect tool to use as a finisher as they can smooth down a final look. Not recommended on wet hair as they can cause damage

VENTED BRUSH: Decrease blow-drying time by allowing air to flow through the brush. Great for creating and enhancing texture. Perfect for creating volume and as a setting brush.

WIDE TOOTH COMB: Ideal for detangling without damage.

FINE TOOTHED COMB: Perfect for styling bangs or to separate and smooth the hair will flat ironing. A matte comb is recommended as it gives you more control so your sections won’t fly around everywhere. Combs with shine won’t give you the grip you’re looking for.


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