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Presenting Our Homemade Blocks to Another Class

Saturday, November 22, 2014

We created blocks for another class who did not have any! You can see the process of creating these blocks and our book of Archetectual Blueprints here at.        It took us a while but we finally finished our book of plans for the other class to use with their blocks.   

We presented the pages of our book to Mrs. Fischer's class by showing and telling them things they could build with these blocks.  This was their first presentation and they loved doing it!  They were so happy to provide these beautiful blocks to this class! They knew how fun they were because they had been playing with them for a while!

The kids left with that warm glow of doing something kind for others! Mrs. Fischer sent me an email letting us know that a group of her kids picked a design and created one of the structures by following the blueprint! I can't wait to show the kids! 

I love how you can actually see them studying the plans to see what to do next! This was such a fun project that we have worked on almost the whole first quarter! Seeing these pictures makes all the hard work worth it!


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