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Foods that help us stay healthy

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Foods that help us stay healthy: Lemon – The Acid-Alkaline

Dr. Meenakshi Attrey
12 Dec 2014

  Many of us have grown up with numerous teachings from our parents or grandparents, they keep telling us to enhance our lifestyles and add simple things to our daily routine, to help us grow to be healthy adults. One such advice that I clearly remember is, to take a glass of lemon juice as the wake up drink. And like a good obedient child I actually followed it for years without questioning. But as the wisdom seeped in, I began to wonder how it helps? Why should I continue taking it? And most recently, about lemon and it’s acid-alkaline chaos.
 There is a widespread misunderstanding about the pH of lemon inside and outside the body.  We know that a food is acidic when its pH value is less than 7. The pH of lemon is around 2.3, making it highly acidic. This should not come with a surprise as lemon is loaded with citric and ascorbic acid. But it is interesting to note that once the lemon juice has been fully metabolized, it has alkalizing effect. This means that it reduces the overall acidity in the body.

It is important to maintain the alkalinity of the body as the tissues and organs tend to breakdown faster in an acidic environment and become toxic waste, which should be eliminated from the body to stay healthy.
While lemon is an effective alkalizing agent, it also acts as an excellent diuretic and helps you get rid of these toxins.
Lemon juice also nourishes the body with important minerals and vitamins that are vital for our health and provides multiple health benefits, some of which are:
      * When taken early in the morning, it acts on adipose and cellulite tissues to                 support    weight loss
      *  Helpful in treating fatty liver.
      *  Fights bad breath and body odour.
      *  Boosts immunity
      *  Improves skin health and texture. It smoothens the wrinkles and
      *  Facilitates the removal of toxins from the body.
     *  Dissolves uric acid and facilitate its elimination.
     *  Improves the health and functions of liver.
      * Treats chest infections and reduces frequent coughs.
     *  Strengthens nails when they are soaked in a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice       for   10 – 15 minutes.
   * Cancer prevention. Lemon is loaded with anticancer properties; as many as 22         cancer fighting compounds are identified in lemon.
     *   It destroys the intestinal worms.
    *  Improved blood pressure scores.

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