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Made in China

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Made in China

   I read recently some articles where it is questioned the quality of products manufactured in China.
This country has developed rapidly, as in his time did Taiwan and Korea, thanks to Western countries looking for cheap labor to their final products.
   And it is that the developed countries in their quest to reduce the costs of their final products have turned their eyes to countries with cheap labor in weak or controlled economies.
  It seems unfair, I completely disagree that generalize, that being a "Made in China" must be bad, defective or of poor quality.
 While it is true that there are many copies of poor quality and poor quality products without any control, it is also true that almost dare say that 95% of global final production comes from China.

 Absolutely 95% of the world-known brands (American and  European) have their factories and labor in China. And those who do not directly have manufactured most of its components manufactured there for instance: fasteners, wire, leather, all kind of motors, textiles, electronics, components, furniture, cosmetics, shoes, toys only to name some of them.

  The problem with the factories in China is quality control.
  But each of these companies and brands that manufacture their products there (most of them) has its own quality control requirements.

  The difference then is not that is made in China, the difference is in the quality of the materials used and quality control of the final product.

  It is not the same to buy on ebay or alibaba to a complete stranger, with the ocean in between, that buy a brand that has invested time and money in quality control and assurance of their products.
  And it is that even the products which claim to be manufactured domestically are using one or two or many components made in China and the only national is to put the pieces together
  So it seems absurd to continue saying what comes from China, is bad.

  Occident industry has taught them to work with their requirements and standards. Educating and training, they developed and improved their skills in the last 15 years impressively.
  What if I seem rude is that industries get profit because they proclaim the fact of being European or American with the  intend to raise prices on the very products up to 10 times its actual cost, but that's another story, right?

   On the contrary I think that the industry China has become an option for the market and global competition. Providing access to a more affordable option for underprivileged markets.

   In the past for example, a wood furniture carved by hand by European craftsmen, it was only accessible to industries with high purchasing power, but now thanks to globalization, diversification and "copy" are available finely finished furniture with materials less quality, equally beautiful but much more accessible to all budgets.

   The mentality has changed and the market also no longer seeking products for lasting "the whole life" now we look for cheaper even changing cost for less durability.

   In much I compare generic drugs in the healthcare industry.
   Large laboratories develop studies and trials, launched the product to market, calculating costs, production, marketing. And get the product to market with a beneficial price for their job.
  Then the generic develops the same product, same components but without the costs of large laboratories and brands then the product is cheaper than the original.
  Same thing happens with all other industries, including technology.

  Thus, I  recommend , before buying any product, take into consideration not only where it is produced but also what kind of guarantee they will get and who is going to "guarantee"    

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