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Acqua-dermabrasion :Bring the facial care to the next level

Thursday, June 25, 2015



                   Bring the facial care to the next level

   Dear friends: in the past getting a facial with a professional was only for very special occasions, such as important events or weddings.
   But today it has become imperative as a cleaning routine.

   As we all known the skin is the largest organ of the body and that is why so important to care.

   The skin on our face looks clean to the naked eye but when the professional sees the magnifying glass you can see dirty, black heads,oily, acne or soap residues that accumulate in the pores clogging them and preventing the skin receives the oxygen needed to make it look healthy and fresh.
  That is why facial care performed by a professional has become so popular.

   There are currently many devices to help skin care professionals in this process extractions and cleaning. These devices give results that cannot be achieved using hands 

Today we have equipment for facial beyond just cleaning and extractions.The Facial Skin Care has grown into successful beauty routine to treat all types of skin conditions allowing your customers to see the results immediately.

Because customers are increasingly looking for new non - invasive procedures, returning to the use of natural products: water is incorporated as an element of efficient cleaning when a peeling while providing the necessary hydration, this is called Hydro-dermabrasion or Acqua dermabrasion.

The advantage with this equipment like the acquadermabrasion with liquids instead of crystals or diamond tips is to do specialized for each type of customer and their needs , the options are more complete and specific according to skin to be treated.

In other words while the skin clean , using these specifically suitable for each condition products if they suffer from acne or greasy or dry , rosacea , sun-damaged , mature.

And to traditional microdermabrasion with diamond tips to also evolved and is now used wet ( with products ) or dried as conventional.

Another advantage of the new equipment is coming digitized, with a touch screen, the machine is set to perform the function chosen.

By having the ability to clean and simultaneously apply the appropriate product ( tonic , vitamins , hyaluronic acid ) you are guaranteed a very satisfied customer when he sees in the mirror the results.

Upon completion of the cleaning process,how about a session of Led Light Therapy? Either to treat acne, to soothe the skin , to treat blemishes, wrinkles or fine lines.

Or perhaps a session of micro - current to a facelift.
And how about a few minutes with oxygen mask for the skin to breathe and absorb all the benefits of cleaning that you just made ?

The pick your options , because equipments are available to meet any need of your clientele and bring skin care to the next level .

Safe and non - invasive procedures as options with visible results.

Then it is not saying whether or not treatment produces results because the difference is made by the trained and professional equipment suitable for the desired results.
Good luck!

Here at Blason International, we can help you choose call us or visit us in our blogs or web site and find out for yourself.

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