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Easy Ideas Salon decorating (Photo slide)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

                Easy Ideas Salon decorating (Photo slide)

Are you Opening or renovating your Beauty Salon? Get inspired with this slide of Hair Salon pictures.
Which is your style?

Decorate your workspace not just about choosing the right equipment and best suited to your needs and space , also depends on your taste and the kind of environment that you want to provide your customers.

Like all practical and functional? or are you looking for something super-modern, trending or more classic and conventional?

It depends also on the type of services you will provide.

But basically you define a style and that is achieved watching many pictures and designs to determine which ones you like the most.
Then start looking for the type of equipment and furniture which more resemble the model of your photo once you start with the colors and the placement of the first all began to take shape, complementing each other.

Remember that the main objective is to have the right equipment in the right place to function properly and efficiently , sometimes we get carried away by something very nice, but that turns out to be a headache for being impractical when performed work, delaying us instead of helping

You do not have to spend a fortune, look for alternatives.
Blason International offers Furniture and Equipment for every budget.
We also offer warranty and service.

Visit us in our beautiful showroom located near Miami International Airport, where we can give you suggestions and you can check the quality and colors of our teams.
We also have an extensive line of furniture and equipment Spa and Aesthetics.
Equipment for skin care, weight loss, multifunction for face and body.

Blason International
1771 NW 79th AVE, Doral, Fl 33126
Phone: 786-331-8933
Website: http://www.blasononline.com


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