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Holiday Happenings, Ornaments and Playful Learning

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

While we were having our Gingerbread Man adventures the you read about in the last post, we were also having some other holiday fun!

The kids drew and cut out an evergreen and decorated it with buttons. 

Some kindness elves visited us and encouraged us to spread kindness everywhere we went!

Story-telling and writing were encouraged in our block area. 

They created an observational drawing of these beautiful poinsettias. 

We also created gifts for our families. The kids used glass, white balls and colorful sharpie markers to create one-of-a-kind ornaments. Each one was beautiful and unique! 

They also decorated some glass jar rings with jewels, then added their picture to the middle. 

They created Christmas inspired art.

Not everything going on in our room was Holiday inspired! Below you will see many of the things that they explored and learning that took place during their play! 

They created art using rocks.

They explored how to make sound in different ways. 

They explored the qualities of two and three dimentional shapes using many different mediums. 

They explored the concept of addition as adding more to a group to create a larger number. 

They explored the concept of teens being a group of ten with some extra ones. 

They have also been working hard on writing their numbers from 1-20 and from 1-100!

The kids dragged out our scale and rulers with a renewed interest in measuring. 

They have been working on reading sight words quickly,

and matching pictures to the correct letters. 

Even the Engineering Area had some literacy going on!

Of coarse we also have small guided reading groups going on! They are becoming quite the readers! 

There are so many more learning moments that have happened but this post is already plenty long! I am so proud of all of these kids! They have learning moments happening all day long! Enjoy every moment of the last few days of this year everyone!

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