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New collection Beauty Salon and freebie!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter to all!
Continuing the theme of beauty, this week I bring you a fun collection especially dedicated to when we go to the salon and made some small changes to see us even more beautiful :)
I gald to introduce you

The bundle includes:

-1 doll (3 versions) -1 brush -1 compact pownder -1 cream tube
-1 nail polish (4 versions) -1 mirror -1 little wallet -1 mascara
-1 eyeshadow set (2 versions) -1 lipstick -1 perfum -1 brush
-1 hairspray -1 hair lotion -1 shampoo -1 cream
-1 hair iron -1 hair crimper -1 hairbrush -1 comb
-1 sscissors -1 hook hair -1 glasses -1 hair mousse bottle
-1 hairdryer -1 rounded eyeshadow set - 2 rectangular tags -5 borders
-5 unique flowers -1 paper flower (6 color versions) -3 bowns -1 string
-2 layered ornament -1 botton (2 color versions) -1 scatter element -2 painted elements with glitter
-1 arrow doodle -4 frames -1 glitter frame (6 color verisons) -2 leafs -7 word art
-28 background papers (12 solid and 16 patterned)
- 8 cluster elements saved as. png files
- 24 tags element saved as .png files.
- 18 word art saved as .png files.
All created at 300 dpi for optimum print quality.
This set is for Personal Use.
You can also buy separately the full kit, cluster pack, tags or word art.
Now bundle 40% off, the other packs 25% off


I have this little gift for you, a quick page made with Beauty Salon, yoy can download by clickling the preview or HERE.
Have a wonderful weekend! See you next week, with an original, not conventional easter kit :p
Coming next week: 

Keratin is not only to straighten hair.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

                     Keratin is not only to straighten hair.

The benefits of keratin are so renowned that has prevailed in the world of hair care, because not only smoothes the wavy hair, it feeds, gives body, shine and softness to every hair type.

Keratin is a natural protein that forms part of our body and is found in hair, skin, nails and teeth, is lost with the use of abrasives, shampoos and chemical treatments used indiscriminately in our hair, making it brittle, dry lackluster and elasticity.
That is why the use of keratin has become an option to revitalize and restore life to damaged hair,not only to smooth rebellious or curly hair. This treatment should be done by professionals in the beauty salon, in order to guarantee that the product has the correct percentage of protein and prevent vapors and problems previously caused by improper or inappropriate use of keratin percentages should never be more than 2%.   
Keratin treatment what it does is fill and seal the hair cuticle which is porous due to damage or mistreatment, giving weight, consistency, gloss, smoothness and elasticity :WONDERFUL!!

To achieve the effects of keratin persist for longer than you have to do is:
1. Use henceforth only shampoos that say Sulfate or SALT or have a neutral pH, sulfate is responsible for the shampoo lather and is trailing with dirty hair, the problem is that besides dirt also it ends with natural oils and hair keratin.
2. Using what is call Care Shampoo also be without sulfate, it has a percentage proteins, including keratin and vegetable oils to help prolong the effect of softness and smoothness.
3. Using Keratin Conditioner also based only on the tips to strengthen and reinforce the hair strand of external and atmospheric agents that damage and dry out your hair.
This shampoo and conditioner with keratin are also a good choice if all you're looking to revitalize and restore elasticity and shine to your hair without treatment performed sorry itself.
The market there are different types and brands, colors and smells.
In this article we are talking about  Brazilian Treatment Keratin IMAGEM by Blason International 

And remember that a daily care products and treatments will help us to maintain healthy hair, good-looking and strong in both its exterior and interior.

if you want to know more about  keratin visit us at: https://www.blasononline.com
Blason International 1771 NW 79th.Ave. Doral, Florida 33126
phone: 786-331-8933
Toll free 1-888-625-2766


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